Being a foster parent in America can be one of the trickiest jobs out there. The data shows that not everyone was made to be a good fit to be a foster parent. In surveys over the past decade, about 25–45% of foster children face neglect or some other form of abuse during their time in the system. While that is a dangerously high number, there are many parents who are successful and nurturing foster parents.

Lisa Wright, a family doctor, is currently a mother of four — two boys and two girls where both of them came from foster…

Video regarding senior citizens and finding ways to spend their time during the pandemic

COVID-19 has made its way to affecting all our individual lives and it has been about a year since Fort Collins saw its first-ever case. It is no secret that nursing homes and senior centers have immensely struggled, nurses and health care workers have been at the front of all the devastation and mania it has caused. While our local seniors have had a really difficult time managing this pandemic, frontline workers have put in hours and hours trying to keep themselves and these seniors as safe as humanly possible.

Good Samaritan Society in Fort Collins, Colorado

Lindsey Caballero is a certified nurse assistant at a local…

Social isolation has targeted and imprisoned senior citizens in hopes to keep them alive.

It is no secret that our senior citizens have been seriously plagued by the current COVID-19 pandemic. Sure, everyone’s life has been negatively impacted and we have had to learn to adapt to a new ‘normal’. But for at-risk populations especially have now been forced to live a life of isolation with pretty strict precautions.

Senior citizens especially have been shut out, locked in rooms or houses, and been isolated from the world they used to know and love. While, yes, individuals over the age of…

The coronavirus pandemic has taken hundreds of thousands of lives to those who have underlying health conditions and those who are over the age of 65 have been hospitalized the most and have had the most fatalities. This has created hardship and separation from extended families especially knowing grandparents were at a higher risk than their children and grandchildren.

Since this entire pandemic began, there have been over 484,000 deaths and 2.3 million across the world according to the New York Times. In Colorado, we have seen just under 6,000 deaths according to the same report.

In Fort Collins, Colorado…

Sarah Neff

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